Investment house

ANGELEO is an investment house, grown from the tradition of private investment banking, focused on innovative concepts and ventures, and alternative investment projects, which implements the proprietary strategy developed by its founder, most often based on his own ideas, independently or in cooperation with external partners.


Włodek Bogucki
Założyciel i prezes ANGELEO
Twórca Angeleo Street

Włodek Bogucki
Founder and CEO of ANGELEO Investment House
Creator of Angeleo Street

• private and investment banker (Standard Bank and Rand Merchant Bank, South Africa; Citigroup and MCTrustco, Switzerland)
• industrialist (BDW Technologies S.A., Germany and Poland)
• entrepreneur (own start-up companies in Poland, Sweden, South Africa and Switzerland)
• member of supervisory boards (DOM Development)
• activist (National Commission of Solidarity, 1980-1981)

Interests: globalization – political, economic and social processes; long term market and technology trends; new biology; integrated medicine; meditation.

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